Giant Bubble Concentrate

Giant Bubble Concentrate


Comes in a set of 3 pouches. Each pouch makes about 3 litres of soap bubble solution.

In a clean bucket, add 1 pouch of our Giant Bubbles Super Concentrate to 3 litres of tap water. Stir thoroughly and carefully, trying to avoid making suds.

To use:
Using a bubble wand, hold wand tips together and dip the strings into the bubble solution. While holding the wand tips together, lift the strings out of the solution and hold above the bucket, for a few seconds. This will allow excess solution to drip back into the bucket. With your back to the breeze, hold the wand high into the air and spread the wand apart. Leaving a little slack in the top string seems to work better. Once the desired bubble size is obtained, close the wand tips together to complete the bubble. Open the wand again and continue making bubbles, until the solution in the wand is exhausted. Repeat the dipping process and continue the fun! Practice makes perfect!


  1. Ensure parent supervision at all times

  2. Best used on grassy area. Avoid smooth surfaces such as tiles and concrete.

  3. Wash your hands after use.

Bubbles last longer in humid conditions – A bubble will burst when the outer layer of water evaporates. In dry sunny conditions, try finding a shady area to make bubbles. Making bubbles at dusk, or dawn will also help. Great success can be achieved after a rainstorm!
In windy conditions, making giant bubbles is near impossible. However, try opening the wand slightly to make a bunch of smaller bubbles.

Our kid-sized giant bubble wands can be purchased here.

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